The Glory of Global Chinese

One world, one people. The series aims to highlight the remarkable life and brilliant moments of global Chinese, who have been a driving force behind so many positive changes in our world. On top of renowned scholars, experts, athletes, artists and entrepreneurs, our series also covers the stories of individuals who aspire to achieve self-actualization. We give our audience a closer look at the fascinating lives of Chinese pride, their steadfast commitment, their energetic attitude, and the significant impact they have been making.

Program Duration 15-20 Mins
Show Time 1 episode/Month
Production Company China Television Corporation
Broadcast Platform CCTV network platform. (China)
                                           NBC Jubao (U.S.)

2022, 12 Episodes

Charm of Win​ter

The stories of two Chinese winter sports professionals in Southern California who began professional training early to pursue their life ambition and portrays their sportsmanship and... 

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Perspective On Entrepreneurship

Three entrepreneurs illustrate their unique startup experience, dissecting the advantages and disadvantages during the entrepreneurial process as overseas Chinese. Their story mirrors the...

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Chinese Filmmakers in Hollywood

Three Chinese filmmakers with unique backgrounds give a glimpse into what Hollywood filmmaking means to them. They strive for greatness and are dedicated to carving out an outstanding

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Chinese Speakers Pofessionlas 

Three Americans engaged in the American speaking Chinese Club, meet periodically to practice public speaking skills in Chinese. They each have different professions and backgrounds, but are all..

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Chinese American Philanthropist

Charlie Zhang is an entrepreneur and philanthropist who came to America with only $20 in his pocket and paused his passion for music to make a living. He built up his enterprise with hard work...

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Chinese Young Scientists

Two young scientists, one exploring the future world and the other bringing benefits to society, share their stories, passion, and perseverance in years of rough and sometimes lonely journey...

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Young Chinese Architects

Follow three young architects as they begin their journey in LA: Yang Wang is a project manager for numerous architecture projects in a male dominated environment and is ready to start her own...

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High Education Chibese leaders

Following three higher education professionals throughout their days, we gain insight into their roles, responsibilities, and influence within the American University system. Each of them takes a unique

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Pulitzer Price-winning Photographer

Ringo Chiu, the first Chinese-born Pulitzer Prize winner in Breaking News Photography, has been chasing his dream for over 30 years and still maintains an enthusiasm and curiosity for his craft...

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Chinese Women Riding  Media Waves

Spotlighting two Chinese female influencers; Chris Han, a fashion, beauty and lifestyle influencer with 2.9 million followers, and Sharon Tseung, a financial content creator with 800,000 followers as

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The Peak Green

Global environmental protection is becoming more significant. Following the footsteps of the new generation of Chinese entrepreneurs Sunny Wang and Eric Li, we see how they use innovative

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The Place We Call Home

We follow the footsteps of Raymond Cheng, the Former President of the Hong Kong Association of Southern California, and Nathan Wang, the Oscar-winning Composer, and learn about their...

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